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Eat and meet

Like most Thai towns, Pua has its fair share of eateries and bars, but the vast majority of them are not very non-Thai speaking friendly. The easiest and most convenient location to get a meal is in and around the large market on the corner of the junction between 1080 and 1081(1056). Not all the shops serve food, but if you search around you will probably be able to find something. We found a shop serving delicious chicken & rice/soup at the back corner of the market, on the 1081 side of the big rectangle.

Aside from the market, Pua’s dining options are a bit spread out, but include several nice bars and restaurants that line highway 1080 on the way in to and out of town. These are generally only open during evening hours, and while they likely don’t have English menus, it is worth stopping in. Also, there are a few small shops on the way out of town on 1081, and you can enjoy an excellent bowl of Khao Soi at a small noodle shop directly across the highway from the Police Station.

All in all, Pua can present some minor difficulties for those that can’t speak Thai, but a bit of persistence, and a keen eye for food shops, will go a long way in helping you find a delicious meal in town.

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