Where to eat and drink: Si Satchanalai

Si Satchanalai: Where to eat and drink

While you won’t find any pizza joints or traveller-oriented cafes, Si Satchanalai has a few decent places to eat.

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The most obvious choice is Kang Sak Beer Garden, located just east of the bridge on the riverside lane towards Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat. The leafy entrance opens on to a large series of dining decks stretching up close to the Yom River. A range of Thai dishes are available on the simple English/Thai menu; we tried the cashew nut with chicken and although our request for spicy fell on deaf ears, the staff were quick to bring out some prik nam pla (fresh chillies in fish sauce) and it was a tasty, well-balanced dish. Open for lunch and dinner, this is also a good place to grab Thai drinking food like deep-fried chicken wings or sour sausage with lime, ginger and peanut, and pop open a few cold beers while taking your time.

Beyond Kang Sak you’ll find a few local-style eateries near the bridge and along the riverside lane in Ban Phra Phrang serving noodle soup, som tam and grilled chicken with sticky rice. One place just west of Papong Homestay dishes out Thai curries and stir-fries to a few tables, with photos of each dish that are meant to draw in foreign travellers. Several simple Thai restaurants are also found next to the ticket booth and souvenir stalls at the historical park’s main gate and parking area. If you have your own wheels, you could cruise up to Si Satchanalai town to hit a wider selection of Thai-style restaurants.

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