Where to eat and drink: Narathiwat

Narathiwat: Where to eat and drink

Narathiwat is simply overflowing with muslim eateries, with one on almost every block in town, easily outnumbering the more typical Thai spots, so if you’re a curry fan, you’re certainly in the right place. Those stuck on a western diet though will find it a little challenging. There really are too many to name!

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Roy Han Restaurant on Wichet Chaiboon Rd is just around the corner from the Narathiwat Hotel on Wichet Chaiboon Rd and has an ample selection of curries to choose from and particularly friendly staff. Over on the river, you’ll find the Nangkom Tong Restaurant -- the place in town for a nosh up Thai meal, late afternoons and evenings here are very pleasant. You have the choice of eating above the river on the restaurant terrace or on a floating segment they have below the terrace. Prices are very reasonable and the food good -- the fried catfish in red curry sauce is excellent. At the other end of the day, your best option in town for a cheap breakfast is out the front of the market on Phupapakdee Rd where you can choose between noodles or succulent deep fried chicken with yellow rice.

Lastly, behind the large riverside esplanade is a sizeable market and set of stalls. The theme varies depending on the time of year, but regardless of the theme the food remains excellent. There is an ample supply of Thai and muslim curries, standard noodle and rice fare and, towards the northern end a section full of delicious Thai sweets. Prices are rock-bottom across the board.

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