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Eat and meet

Apart from a small night market and a handful of cheap local restaurants, food in Khuraburi is limited.

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Khuraburi is a small town and apart from a couple travel companies it feels like any other small Thai town clustered around a major thoroughfare. As of yet no restaurants catering specifically to foreign tourists have appeared, so this is your chance to try something really authentic.

A small night market sets up on the shoulder road that runs parallel to the main road a short walk south of the bus station, and this is a good place to fill up on locally made curries and other treats like grilled salted fish, locally caught crab, and locally made Chinese style pastries. Further north and closer to the bus station but across the street, next to the 7-eleven, there’s another small day market that doesn’t offer much in terms of prepared meals but is a good place to buy fresh fruit and see first-hand what’s come back from the local fishing boats.

There are a few simple noodle shops and restaurants within the town, including one a nameless one a bit south next to Government Savings Bank on the opposite side of the street from the bus station, which offers a very limited menu in English. The massaman chicken curry we tried was not only rich, flavourful and filling but also came in a massive bowl and at 120 baht was easily fit for two to share.

On the other side of town, and the other side of the street, there’s a decent khao gaeng (curry and stir-fry shop) located behind a 7-eleven (not the one next to the day market but another a bit further north) and gas station. Here we were perfectly satisfied with green curry and stir-fried vegetables over rice for just 35B, and there’s also a good coffee stand here serving strong local brew.

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