Where to eat and drink: Ko Ra

Ko Ra: Where to eat and drink

While staying at the Eco Lodge all of your meals will be added on to the price of your stay — 750B for three buffet style meals per day. Breakfast is at 8:00, lunch at 13:00 and dinner 19:00.

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The staff do a good job during all meals of preparing more than enough food, and guests are free to eat as much as they like. Breakfast generally consists of fruit mixed with yogurt and granola or another cereal, pancakes, eggs, bread, Thai style rice soup, and fresh fruit.

Lunch and dinner vary considerably — during our stay we enjoyed tofu salad, vegetarian pasta, authentic chicken green curry with rice, fried whole mackerel fish, and savoury fried banana treats with Thai herbs.

Some sort of traditional coconut based sweet dessert and fresh fruit compliment most meals.

Overall the food is fresh (often picked directly from the Lodge’s gardens and fruit trees), well balanced in flavour and of a high quality. While purified water is free, soft drinks and beer cost extra.

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