Where to eat and drink: Coral And Raya Islands

Coral And Raya Islands: Where to eat and drink

There are very few options for eating on either Coral or Raya islands. If you are daytripping to Coral, pick something from vendors selling Thai fast food or dine at the restaurant at the Coral Island Resort.

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Ko Raya has far more options, however many are closed during the low season. The Raya Father Resort is open year-round and has some of the best budget meals on the island. The Racha and Rayaburi resorts have their own restaurants but we prefer the restaurant at the Rayaburi Resort. The setting is beachy and lacks the pretention of The Racha with simple Thai dishes starting at 180B.

Pad Thai Restaurant is the queen bee for receiving tourists on day trips, preparing buffet lunches for tourists who come to the island but also cooking up simple Thai dishes — at a hefty price. A plate of vegetarian pad Thai will set you back 140B and all dishes go up (and way up) from there.

Club Del Mar is a new option for those who are looking for a bit of pampering in their beach routine. Swim in the pool with music blasting underwater, use the sun beds, umbrellas and showers and sip a cocktail for an entry fee of 500B. They also serve up salads, soups, snacks and drinks at self-proclaimed friendly prices.

If facing The Racha, Bamboo Bar hugs the left side of the resort and the headland on Batok Beach. It’s one of the few beach bars open all year round and is a fine place for a sundowner. Coco Bar at Lah Bay was closed when we passed though, but not abandoned and is worth a look. Like other similar beach bars on Raya’s white sands, Coco Bar seems to shut down at low season.

If you find yourself travelling to Ko Raya during low season, just head to the Raya Father or one of the minimarts for a beer and find a nice spot to sit and watch the world go by.

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