Where to eat and drink: Ko Adang

Ko Adang: Where to eat and drink

Open from 07:30 to 15:00 and 17:30 to 21:00, Ko Adang’s lone park-run restaurant is centrally located near the accommodation on Laem Son.

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This is a typical Thai national park canteen with heavy wooden tables set up beneath a pavilion with sea views. There’s no table service; instead you’ll need to walk up to the counter to place an order, and the staffers will find you when your food is ready. Drinks are limited to bottled water and cans of beer and soft drinks.

The menu includes not-so-good Western breakfasts and sandwiches along with Thai staples like pad Thai, fried rice and krapao—since our last visit prices had increased to around 100 baht, even for simple dishes. Closer to the 200 baht mark you’ll find whole steamed fish, Thai-style seafood salad and spicy orange curry with fish. The green curry that we tried wasn’t bad and portions are on the large side.

The only other option for food at park headquarters is a makeshift shop selling cookies and chips along with sunscreen and toiletries. If staying on Adang for a while you could grab some fruit, bread and other goodies on Lipe before arriving, taking an occasional day trip back to Lipe to enjoy its excellent food scene.

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