Where to eat and drink: Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay: Where to eat and drink

While any seafood you order in Ha Long is likely to be fresh and tasty, the food scene in Ha Long City is hardly stellar.

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The seafront promenade and Ha Long Road are lined with restaurants and cafes, but we weren’t inspired. We’d instead recommend heading to one of the seafood places at the base of Vuon Dao Street -- where you’ll pay around 100,000 VND for a meat or seafood dish with rice -- or crossing over to Do Nhau Do Nuong where we gorged on delicious beef kebabs and freshly grilled prawns.

Asia Restaurant, on Vuon Dao, is an alternative if you prefer to sit inside with air con, comfy chairs and tablecloths, but the menu was similar to the joints at the other end of the street and pricier. For an upscale meal, all of the better hotels located along Ha Long Road have restaurants - some of which serve up well-priced buffet dinners.

The budget hotels don’t serve breakfast but you’ll find a few places along Vuon Dao for a morning bowl of pho or a plate of banh cuon. If you prefer xoi or a kebab for breakfast, cross over Ha Long Road to the stalls near the beach. Some of these places are open all day.

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