Where to eat and drink: Hon Chong

Hon Chong: Where to eat and drink

For eating in Hon Chong, you have two options: your hotel or a beachside seafood stand. Dining venues in Hon Chong are primarily geared toward tourists, a point made clear by the inflated prices at most restaurants, and in the mostly mediocre quality of the food.

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Most people coming to Hon Chong are looking for seafood, and the beach is lined with half a dozen simple seafood stands. Most people travelling to Hon Chong, it’s also worth noting, are Vietnamese, so anyone else might have a hard time ordering. The problem isn’t that there are no English menus, but that there are no menus at all -- meaning that even if you’ve learned to recognise the names of a few dishes, you’re still out of luck. A few places have signs showing their specialty -- whether pho, or hotpot -- so pointing to the signs may help you out. Otherwise, try your luck pointing at the fish and crustaceans in the aquariums, and hope that it’s prepared to your taste. However the meal turns out, it’s a great setting to enjoy lunch -- tables are set right on the sand, and many places have hammocks if you’re feeling lazy afterwards. Try to check prices beforehand, so there are no surprises after your meal.

If you’re feeling less adventurous, all of the hotels have restaurants with English menus. The most attractive restaurant is undoubtedly at Hon Trem Resort. Set on the clifftop overlooking the bay, its view is spectacular, particularly at sunset. Though the menu is large and varied, the quality of the food is inconsistent and a little overpriced, meaning it might be a better place for a drink after dinner.

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