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Photo of Fate Blessing BuddhaFate Blessing Buddha

1st Floor City Mall Shopping Centre, #217 Monireth

T: (012) 818 157 

Fate Blessing Buddha

Tucked away in a mall, this unassuming little spot with a reputation for addictive mock meats is one you’d never stumble upon.

Photo of Fate Blessing Buddha

It’s inside City Mall on Monireth Boulevard, on the first floor. If you take the lift (elevator) up, turn right when you come out of it, and follow the aisle as it hooks around to the left and then go through the double doors as though you’re heading for the car park. It’s there on the left of the walkway. It took us a poorly-guided, and very impatient hour to find it. But, according to those with an opinion, their large selection of Taiwanese and Chinese vegetarian food make it more than worth a visit. The staff are very friendly and although they don’t speak a lot of English, the entire menu has pictures and we’re told that random selections generally turn out well. Their dumplings are addictive as is the sizzling skillet dish with mushrooms. But where they really excel is with mock meats. If you’re not a fan, you’ll hate this place because nearly all the dishes seem to have some sort of mock meat in one form or another. In fact, their various faux flesh dishes are delicious enough to turn non-vegetarians into Fate Blessing Buddha converts. Expect to spend less than $5.

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Fate Blessing Buddha
Daily 08:00-21:30
T: (012) 818 157 

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