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Deli Campur Asia

17 Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu
T: (0361) 886 8787 

Deli Campur Asia

Deli Campur Asia is a breezy little cafe on Canggu’s burgeoning Jalan Pantai Berawa strip between the Canggu Club and Raya Canggu, offering a small but delicious range of Asian dishes with a Japanese emphasis, plus coffees and other good drinks.


Good crockery, good rice, good chicken, good eggplant.

While you’re not going to cross the island to eat here, if you’re in the Canggu area this joint is well worth a stop off for a cheap but well cooked meal in rather funky surrounds. The restaurant may have been decorated on a budget, but whoever designed this joint knows all about style. We love it!


So pretty.

More importantly, they also know about food. We love the ever-changing rotation of fresh, healthy, dishes on offer from the Japanese chef. The dishes are simple but interesting — our plate of sesame chicken wings and braised eggplant, with a serving of red rice on the side, was light but filling and flavourful. Other examples of typical fare include baked salmon, Indian-style chicken curry, and various veggie dishes too. Expect to end up paying around 40,000-50,000 rupiah for a good-sized meal.

The place reminds us a little, in fact, of the nameless Japanese place on Jalan Drupadi we also love — with a serious style makeover.


Good-sized drinks.

The drinks come from the adjacent shopfront with a stylised kaki-lima cart, but it’s the same operation. They take their coffee seriously, serving local organic beans FREAK — Fresh Roast Enak (delicious) Arabica from Kintamani. I love feeling virtuous just by drinking coffee, don’t you?


Campur means mixed — point and pick.

But there are also fancy teas too — lemon or orange juice with organic honey, tea, and homemade sorbet sounds pretty good (19,000 rupiah). Kids will love the milkshakes (28,000 rupiah), which the menu makes clear are made free from milk powder and other … unusual ingredients that sometimes get thrown into shakes elsewhere.


Inspired by tradition.

Order your food and drinks at the counter — you’ll be able to see everything on display and can just point and pick to build up your own plate. Service is fast and friendly.



While the surrounds are pretty, you are right roadside, so it can be a bit noisy and gets piping hot during the day — you’ll want to eat and run, or else grab takeout, which quite a few people were doing the last time we stopped in. If you’re staying somewhere like United Colors of Bali, this is a good spot to grab some takeaway from.


A little oasis roadside.

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Last updated on 14th April, 2015.

Deli Campur Asia
17 Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu
Open Mon-Sat, 11:00-19:00
T: (0361) 886 8787 

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