Photo: A real crowd pleaser.

Photo of Restaurant RelaxRestaurant Relax

Western-run cafe with real bread

Jalan Bulak Laut, Pangandaran

Restaurant Relax

Bratwurst, macaroni, goulash and chilli con carne all make an appearance as do Indonesian dishes such as nasi campur on this extensive menu.

Photo of Restaurant Relax

The great thing about this place, however, is that a number of small touches lift the standard above what you normally get in Indonesia, with cutlery being placed on the table prior to the meal arriving and proper linen tablecloths being used.

It's a top place and those craving proper bread will do well by eating here.

To get here, find the Century Hotel on the West Beach road and head inland on Jalan Bulak Laut.

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Restaurant Relax
Jalan Bulak Laut, Pangandaran

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