Photo: Snorkelling trip from Gili T.

Photo of Karma Kayak Tapas BarKarma Kayak Tapas Bar

Great sunsets

Karma Kayak Tapas Bar

This is a terrific vantage point for Trawangan's trademark glorious sunset and Karma Kayak does its best to make the most of it, putting out low slung tables and beanbags, but, at least in our experience, they've got a bit of work to do on the staffing angle.

Photo of Karma Kayak Tapas Bar

It was a recurring, unpleasant theme on Gili Trawangan to have staff throw change on the table, but it was only at Karma Kayak that they threw the change at us. 12,000 rupiah from a 100,000 note — we guess they wanted a tip — not cool.

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