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The Pool

Make a splash

Sarasin Rd (near Silom Soi 4)

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The Pool

Themed bars can be very hit and miss but, nevertheless, Bangkok loves them. Sometimes the theme is strong, such as the blacksmith workshop-cum-bar, Iron Fairies. Other times the theme is a bit more unfathomable. The Pool is one such bar.


As the name suggests, The Pool looks a little bit like a swimming pool. It’s decked out in green and blue mosaic tiles, there are tropical murals on the walls, a mirrored diver sculpture and even a metal pool ladder hanging from the ceiling. Well, why not?

Seemingly unrelated to the pool theme, there’s also a fireman’s pole that joins upstairs to downstairs, should taking the stairs feel like it’s eating up precious moments of a night that could be spent dancing.

The theme is — quite frankly — a bit weird and pointless, but that’s not to say Pool’s not worth a visit, especially if you’re looking for a lively gay bar away from Silom Soi 4, which is just a short taxi ride away if you do fancy continuing the night nearby.


Depending on what night you arrive, there’s a live band or a female DJ spinning pop hits for an almost exclusively male Thai crowd. Expect to hear plenty of Britney and Nicki Minaj blasted out so loud that you’ll feel the bass pulsing your chair a little as you drink. If you’re going for a quiet drink; forget it. If you’re looking for a night out with some party-loving local boys, you’ve come to the right place. According to BK Magazine, Pool opened with a small army of shirtless waiters in aprons and speedos; and was shut down in February. Last week it was alive and pumping — we’re not sure how long it was shuttered for, and the waiters were wearing a little more than that on our visit.

To accompany the eardrum-testing volume of music, there’s also an out of control smoke machine that helps to make the bar feel less like a, well, swimming pool, and more like a drinking venue. As the night wears on, the music gets louder, the smoke more intrusive and the pole gets a lot more action, whether it’s people sliding down it or show-stopping moves being demonstrated against it.

Despite the terrible decor, the bar is undeniably fun. Go with a crowd and make a night of it. A bottle of Grey Goose, mixers and ice will set you back 3,000 baht and guarantee you good service. One tip: steer clear of the complementary crackers. The bar is loud and the crackers are onion-y. Enough said.

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Last updated on 12th January, 2015.

The Pool
Sarasin Rd (near Silom Soi 4)
Nightly until late

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