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The Food Factory

An imaginative food hall

Huay Kaew Central outlet

The Food Factory

The Food Factory is a food hall located in the Huay Kaew branch of Central shopping mall — but possessing a slightly more imaginative name than you might expect for Central. Now the food offerings aren’t frankly the most imaginative, but it does have several advantages: cheap prices, bilingual menus, it’s clean and bright and on offer are a wide range of classic dishes, so you get to sample Thai “street food” in conditions that ought to reassure even the most nervous eaters.

The Food Factory

This, the Food Factory.

You’ll find all the classic Thai street and market choices available here: roast duck, chicken, crispy pork, red pork, stewed pork leg, a zillion variations on fried noodles and noodle soups, som tam, khao soi and so on and on, at prices ranging from 25 to 35 baht. Overall it isn’t a bad spot to grab some lunch, with the disadvantages being you’ll probably have to put up with Thai soaps on their omnipresent TV screens and if you don’t then you’ll wish you did, since it probably means their live house band is playing instead.

Metallic grey industrial chic

Metallic grey industrial chic.

For those not familiar with Thai food halls, you buy coupons then exchange them at any stall you wish and consume your choices in a central seating area. Juices, sodas and beers are also available and when you’ve finished you simply exchange your remaining coupons for cash.

Now if there’s nothing there that tickles your fancy then you can move 10m around the corner to another food-hall — the ‘Tops Flavours’ version.

Same same but not very different

Same, same but not very different.

This enlarges your noodle possibilities to a zillion and 27 choices plus there’s a good bakery and fruit juice options. With similar prices, English dish names are noted though seating is slightly more cramped. Both are open seven days a week from around 10:00 to 21:00.

Plenty of foreigners, so some basic English spoken

Plenty of foreigners, so some basic English spoken.

If neither of these appeal, then you can always nip 10m in the other direction where you’ll find Mike’s Burgers, Subway, a German sausage outlet and the odd Curry Pot ‘Indian fusion’ restaurant — which despite having eaten at on several occasions (their rotis are quite good) we’ve never worked out what the fusion is supposed to be with, exactly.

Indian and ????

Indian and ?

This is the Huay Kaew Central outlet we’re referring to by the way — not the airport one — and is located at the start of Huay Kaew Road on the northwest corner of the old city moat. Bon appetit!

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Last updated on 20th September, 2013.

The Food Factory
Huay Kaew Central outlet

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