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Dee's English Fish n' Chips and BBQ

The real deal

Always on the move, Downtown area

Dee's English Fish n' Chips and BBQ

Dee’s English Fish n’ Chips and BBQ is a mobile food cart that zips around Chiang Mai selling delectable and cheap fish and chips made to an old English recipe; for a quintessentially British/Thai experience, buy a plate and eat roadside.

Much like Pavlov's dog, this sight is enough to start us salivating.

Much like Pavlov’s dog, this sight is enough to start us salivating.

Dee and his wife Best arrived in Chiang Mai last July, bringing with them the fish and chips recipe used by Dee’s father, the owner of George’s Fish Bar in London from 1963 to 1992.

Aside from being an excellent serving of fish and chips, what makes Dee’s meal memorable is that it’s essentially prepared on a motorbike sidecar, which first appears around noon across from the Honda Big Wing by Thapae Gate.

Dee and his motorbike food cart migrate around to the east side of the Old City throughout the day, generally ending up across from the Blue Sky Pub. Dee and his wife Best stay there till 21:30 or when supplies run out. As far as we’re aware, Dee’s Fish and Chips is the first food cart in Chiang Mai to rely heavily on social media (at least in English) to spread its name; if in doubt as to its whereabouts, check out their Facebook page.

All we want to do is eat two of you

All we want to do is eat two of you.

Now on to the actual meal: Dee’s fish and chips, much like their motorbike furnishings, are all about no-fuss flavour. For 50 baht you get a tender fillet of white fish that’s fried to perfection and accompanied by a handful of chips. Thais are master deep-fryers and Dee keeps up with the best of them, producing a crispy outer layer that’s so tasty we understand why this batter recipe has been handed down for generations.

Ten baht extra will purchase an endless serving of tartar sauce — the sign reads “as much as you want” — and we highly suggest forking out the extra baht for a healthy dollop of this sweet and mild equaliser.

All in all, it’s astounding that 60 baht will get you such a spot on rendering of the British staple in Chiang Mai. We foresee a bright future for Dee’s, who’s thinking about expanding into fried calamari and producing his own pickled onions and gherkins. By the time you visit he may even have malt vinegar for those chips.

They already serve other food, but frankly, who cares?

We can’t read beyond “fish and chips”.

The one drawback of dining at Dee’s is the lack of seating, so come prepared to eat by the side of the road. Standing with your meal in the middle of the day during rainy season might be just the thing to make you feel you’re really in London, if only until you lick the last bit of tartar sauce off the plate.

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Last updated on 10th October, 2013.

Dee's English Fish n' Chips and BBQ
Always on the move, Downtown area

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