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Sunday roasts on Ko Tao

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Sunday roasts on Ko Tao

Sunday roasts are a tradition for many in the West — but can you get a decent one on Ko Tao if you ever tire of the delicious Thai food on offer? The good news is yes, you can, and although you wouldn’t need a month of Sundays to try each there’s certainly enough options to choose from.

Hard to resist.

Hard to resist.

My favourite is served at Banyan Bar. Portions are large, service is prompt and it’s all very tasty. Apart from your chosen meat, expect home-style Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, veggies which can include broccoli, red cabbage, carrots, asparagus, veggie mash and a generous slug of gravy. Service starts at 14:00 and there is usually a choice of at least two different meats. A vegetarian Sunday lunch is also available and is accompanied by extra vegetables and an extra yorkshire pudding.

It’s the most expensive Sunday roast on Ko Tao: expect to pay 300 baht for a standard plate, with a mixed meat dinner or extra Yorkshire puddings costing just a bit more. Seating is in the garden at simple pub-style benches. This is a no-frills good feed but not the best idea if it’s raining. The clientele here is mostly local so be aware that it gets busy from 18:00 as they finish work for the da; best to get there before 18:00 to avoid disappointment as they do run out. Note that this is the only food served here on a Sunday, with their usual menu suspended. You’ll find Banyan Bar by leaving the 7-eleven on the Sairee main road, walking away from the beach and up towards the boxing stadium. It’s opposite the first turning to the left.



If it’s raining but you still fancy a good Sabbath feed then head on down to Choppers Bar and Grill, on the road that runs between the two 7-elevens in Sairee. Essentially a sports bar with a dizzying number of screens, you can marry your Sunday feast with any sporting event that happens to be on. Simply put if it’s on, it’s on in Choppers. The place is always busy and always has live entertainment throughout the week too. It’s popular with visitors and tends to be a younger crowd, but there’s loads of space and unlike Banyan Bar they still serve their full menu on Sunday too. Seating is around pine-coloured tables and benches in a large airy roadside venue.

If you are in Mae Haad then you have two spots to choose from. Safety Stop by the Seatran Pier offer a mean plateful as does Reef Bar, which you will find further up the same street on the right hand side. These both have a full menu on offer besides their Sunday roast.

If you are an organised eater and know you want Sunday roast before Sunday, then pop into the Bowling Alley and Mini Golf and order your roast — booking in advance is necessary here. The portions are huge and the only plate that comes with super filling bread sauce. A great range of desserts and ice cream are also served here but you might need a round of golf in between your main and pudding to make a little room. You can eat outside in the well tended grounds or undercover in the airy bar area. The large garden area is ideal for families and those who want to relax and enjoy a good meal away from the hustle and bustle.

Whichever option you choose you will certainly be well fed; and you only have to wait a week to try the next one.

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Last updated on 27th March, 2015.

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