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Banh khot

Unique to Saigon

Banh khot

A dish that you won’t find many places outside of Saigon, the southern specialty known as banh khot is a small hearty pancake that originated in the nearby beach town of Vung Tau but is now a special part of Saigonese cuisine.

If it is made correctly, it will be golden-brown and crispy on the outside but soft in the middle. Banh khot usually comes in two varieties, pork and shrimp, but some restaurants make specialty versions, like oyster and fish. It is served with a plate of leaves, mustard or lettuce, which you wrap around the banh khot. They are snack size but a little too big to be taken in one bite — if you try the people watching you eat might think it’s the most hilarious thing they’ve ever seen.

Delicious and good for balacing!

Delicious and good for balancing practice.

Banh khot carts are easy to spot because they sport a unique cooking apparatus, consisting of what looks like a thick cupcake pan. The pan holds the banh khot as they fry in oil. This is a faster street food — generally the cook pumps them out pan-by-pan and you buy from the lot sitting on display.

Not the most impressive kitchen.

Not the most impressive kitchen. And yet ...

It takes more gear to cook banh khot than your average street food, like banh mi for example, so more often than not these street vendors are in more permanent spots. My favourite vendor has been in her District 5 spot for more than five years. Since the banh khot pan is always going the carts are usually out on the street to keep the chef cool so, if you happen to be walking by, they will catch your eye.

Pretty sweet cardboard splatter guard!

Pretty sweet cardboard splatter guard!

Banh khot is a great street treat because it works as a snack or a meal. If you’re hungry, order a plate of 8-12, or just grab two or three if you want a quick bite. One will usually only cost 5,000 VND on the street, but if you’re in a restaurant expect to pay upwards of 15,000 for one. Either way, they’re worth the price; be careful though, they are deceptively filling. First you just try one, then you have two, next thing you know you’ve eaten a dozen and you have a stomach ache…

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Last updated on 7th February, 2017.

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