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Saigon ladies' nights

Saigon ladies' nights

There are places in Southeast Asia that have some pretty sweet deals on drinks. Thailand has their buckets, Hanoi has some cheap beer on the street, and Saigon is no different. While HCMC has some cool rooftop bars, and cheap drinks in general, an additional thing to keep an eye out for — at least for women — are ladies’ nights (though yes, we agree there’s something iffy about prices based on gender).

Don't forget your ear plugs it can get loud.

Don't forget your ear plugs.

Ladies nights in Saigon are not just about getting a discount on drinks or not having to pay a cover to get in; here ladies get to drink for free. Almost all ladies nights fall on less popular bar days, Tuesday to Thursday. Here’s a selection of what’s on offer.

On Tuesday, head to Ly Tu Trong where you will find Lush, a two-storey location that has three separate bars, one in the front, one in the back, and one in the middle. On ladies night, women get to choose from a large list of a few different types of beer, a red and white wine, several pre-mixed cocktails, as well as a selection of different shots and mixers, all of which are free. Lush is a big place, and quite popular, but on a typical ladies’ night it will be crowded. Free drinks, last until midnight.

Wednesday sees the party move to Ho Huan Nghiep, just off of Dong Khoi, to Velvet. Velvet is a smaller spot, but the intimacy adds to the atmosphere, which thanks to its sparkly decor has a much more girly atmosphere. A circular bar dominates the middle of the room, with white couches that line the walls. Though there isn’t much of a dance floor, due to the limited space, the circular room is perfect for cha cha lines with your friends! Like Lush, Velvet gives you quite a menu of free drinks, but not only do you get free drinks, including Long Islands, margaritas, shots and a special velvet mix drink, you also get chips to munch on.

If you’re looking to get an early start to the weekend, Fuse, in a small alley off of Ton Duc Thang, is your Thursday night taken care of. Fuse is your best ladies’ night for dancing, because the club has quite the dance floor, however overall space is limited — especially on Thursday. Like other clubs in HCMC, Fuse sells more by the bottle than by individual drinks, although they still have a free drink menu. If you can get a group of five girls together, the group will get a free bottle. Not too shabby!

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Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of any guys’ nights. For ladies’ nights, guys still have to pay a cover of 100,000 VND, and regular prices for drinks.

2 Ly Tu Trong, Dist. 1
T: (08) 3824 2496


26 Ho Huan Nghiep, Dist. 1
T: (08) 3822 2262


3A Ton Duc Thang, Dist. 1
T: (08) 919 206 461

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Last updated on 16th December, 2014.

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