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All Travelfish accounts require a valid username which is associated with your email address. Forgotten it? Get a reminder here.

Please enter the email address you signed up with in the fields below, hit the “Resend my username” button, and you should be in business. Be patient. If you haven‘t received the email within five to ten minutes, please get in touch.

You‘ll get one of three responses on the next screen: Email on the way, this account has been banned, or, no account with this email address. See below for some information.

Please enter the email address you signed up with.

What does it all mean?

Email on the way: You should receive an email within the next five minutes containing your username, which you should then be able to use to login or request a new password with.

This account has been banned: This means the username, and thus the associated email address, have been banned. You can get more information about why accounts are banned here.

No account with this email address: We have no username associated with the email address you entered. This is an occasional point of confusion for people who have separately signed up for our newsletter—this is not the same as a Travelfish membership.