Photo: A morning pick-me-up in Tra Vinh, Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Travelfish PDF travel guides

Travelfish offers a range of free and paid travel guides to many destinations across Southeast Asia. The guides for the smaller destinations are free, while guides to larger destinations are available for purchase (A$3 and A$5 depending on size).

Everything contained in the guides is available 100% for free on the Travelfish website. What we're selling (or giving away for free in many cases) is the convenience of having all the relevant information for a specific destination in a single PDF file.

Guides generally include destination information, accommodation reviews and information about food, sights, activities and transport. Most guides include maps and photos of many of the points of interest.

Guides are available through links on the Travelfish website or directly from Gumroad. You select the guide(s) you want, pay (if you want a paid-for guide) and then Gumroad will email you a link. Click on this link and you can download your guide.

You do not have to be a Travelfish member to download a guide. Anybody can download a Travelfish guide.

If we update a guide after you have downloaded it, you'll receive an email notifying you of this and prompting you to get a new copy. Updates are free. Yes, you'll only ever have to buy our guide to Nakhon Nowhere once.

Where have the old member-generated PDF guides gone?

They've been discontinue. You can read more about this here.

Where are the iPad guides?

Our series of iPad guides has also been discontinued. They do remain available for download via the links below. Please note, these guides are NOT BEING UPDATED and so should be used as background reading only. The titles can be downloaded via the links below:

52 Weekends
What is a year but 52 weeks? And what is a week but five days on each side of a weekend? Here are 52 ideas for 52 weekends in Southeast Asia to create a year’s worth of travel without submitting a leave form. We’ve taken a part of the world we know a fair bit about and selected 52 places that we believe are great. Some are well known, others far less so, but many can easily be added on to an already existing trip.
via iBooks | Hi-res PDF (78 meg) | Low-res PDF (30 meg)

Bangkok's best hostels
We've spent a year navigating Bangkok's swiftly evolving hostel scene in search of the very best dorms in Bangkok. After checking out upwards of 50 hostels -- one way or another, we managed to check out all of them firsthand -- we’ve handpicked what we think are Bangkok's 20 best hostels. This was no simple task.
via iBooks | Hi-res PDF (80 meg) | Low-res PDF (18 meg)

The Togeans
"The Togeans" covers the Togean Islands in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The guide includes detailed reviews on places to stay on the Togeans, comprehensive transport advice, including ferry timetables and coverage of the two main vantage points of Gorontalo and Ampana. Other sections cover activities and sightseeing including advice on learning to dive in the Togean Islands.
via iBooks | Hi-res PDF (445 meg) | Low-res PDF (139 meg)

Flores and Komodo
This free Flores and Komodo travel guide is the first in a series of new guides. It covers some of the main destinations first-time visitors to Flores and Komodo will visit -- Komodo National Park, Kanawa and Seraya Island, Labuan Bajo, Wae Rebo, Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende and Moni (including Kelimutu).
via iBooks | Hi-res PDF (90 meg) | Low-res PDF (26 meg)

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