Photo: At the Taunggyi balloon festival.

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If you need to get in touch, see below, though please note that individual travel planning requests and questions are best posted to the forum.

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In keeping this a two-way street, here's a few ways we hope can help you to get more out of your trip.

Ways you can help Travelfish

Here at Travelfish we've got a team of paid correspondents living across the region who work to build Travelfish into the travel resource it is. There are though plenty of ways you can help too, both to improve our information and to help us stay in business.

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Got an idea on how Travelfish could be better? A mistake you'd like to let us know about? Just want to say hi? You can contact Sam or Stuart by email (see above) or you can find Stuart on Twitter at @Travelfish and Sam at @sagabrown, or, if Twitter isn't your thing, there's a popular Travelfish Facebook page too.

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