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Getting your business listed on Travelfish currently lists thousands of guesthouses, hostels, hotels, restaurants and bars across Southeast Asia. Chances are, given you're reading this page, your place is not listed on the site. Please read on to find out how places get listed.

Who does the research? employs a number of researchers who travel through the region looking at travel destinations. One part of their role is to review, on an anonymous basis, guesthouses, hotels, restaurants and bars. While researching, our researchers do their utmost to check your place out without revealing what they are doing—most likely by pretending to be a paying guest.

How do I request to have my place reviewed?

First, you need to join the site. Once you have joined, go to the new additions section of the message board and add in the listing there—PLEASE read the FAQ for the country concerned before adding it in. Direct links are displayed below:


Once you have submitted the listing, it is added to the research queue for that location and will be passed to the researcher to review during their next visit. That is all you have to do. Please do not submit your place more than once. There is no guarantee adding your place in this manner will result in your place being listed on the website. This is entirely left to the discretion of our writers.


Can I arrange a date and time for your researcher to visit my property?
No. Our researchers review on an anonymous basis.

I submitted my place but I haven't been added—why not?
Perhaps we have not revisited the area since you made the submission, or perhaps we have visited your place and decided not to include it. We do not list everywhere.

Take a look at other listings in the same area—if they have been updated since you made the submission, then chances are we decided not to list your property. However, if others in the same location have not been updated, then we probably have not visited your business yet.

Can I pay for a quicker listing?
No. does not accept payment of any kind in order to be listed.

Can I offer complimentary stays for a quicker listing?
No. does not accept any kind of complimentary gift (including discounted or free stays) for anything. We have a strict no freebie policy.

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