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A sleepy seaside village located more than 100 kilometres from the nearest city, remote Ujung Genteng is the stuff dreams are made of. Located roughly to the northwest of Pangandaran on the south coast of West Java, Ujung Genteng gets a trickle of local visitors and a mere dribble of anyone you could describe as being foreign, with most visitors coming here during holiday seasons or on the weekend.

The main activities here are lounging around by the beach, scouring the rockpools for interesting sea creatures, trying your hand at spear fishing in one of the turquoise lagoons and heading off on a daytrip to see some spectacular waterfalls. With activities here being so limited, most people only choose to stay for a few nights, but those with an interest in surfing often stay for much longer.

The surf scene at Ujung Genteng is centred around the break at the far northern end of the bay where surfers tend to cluster when the conditions are right. Further up the coast, Ombak Tujuh is a famous yet difficult to reach wave that is world renowned for its consistency.

Keeping to the edge of civilisation theme, accommodation in town is generally of the shack variety with squat toilets and cold water bucket washes being the norm. There is, however, a smattering of more expensive places with TVs and air-con, but they’re poor value when the other options are considered.

Finding a decent place to eat in town can be somewhat of a challenge, with only a handful of warungs able to serve up fresh meals. That said, these warungs are more expensive than what you might find in some of the big cities across Java and if you want to try some seafood, be prepared to feel pain in your wallet.

ATMs, police and medical facilities are all non-existent in town and the nearest town big enough to be able to offer all of these services is 22 kilometres away and goes by the name of Surade.

Mobile internet is available through all providers, but be prepared to surf the internet at a snail’s pace as 3G hasn’t made its way here yet.

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