Don Khon

Don Khon

Charming island getaway

Far larger than Don Dhet, Don Khon offers the laidback riverside vibe without the unruly development and general trashiness that has befallen Don Dhet. The southernmost tourist destination in Laos, Don Khon also holds the majority of Si Phan Don/the 4000 Islands’ natural and historic attractions.

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It’s impossible to mention Don Khon without also mentioning Don Dhet in the same breath—both are accessed by boat from Ban Nakasang village on the mainland and are connected by a bridge. While the bulk of backpackers head straight for Don Dhet’s sprawling metropolis of bungalows, Don Khon has tapped into a niche market of backpackers not interested in a party and mid-market mid-sized tour groups. Accommodation is limited to a kilometre stretch along the northwestern edge of the island, starting at the French bridge. Thrifty backpackers eschew staying here because it lacks the cheap-as-chips-shacks that Don Dhet has become famous for—don’t stay on Don Khon unless you’re willing to shell out 50,000 kip.

A Don Khon Taxi... : Cindy Fan.
A Don Khon Taxi... Photo: Cindy Fan

Relaxation and amazing Mekong sunsets remain at the top of the experience, with the added bonus of being in closer proximity to two waterfalls, a swimmable beach area, far superior food options than Don Dhet and fascinating history. It’s hard to believe that this sleepy, passive island was once the staging point for French ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 1,000 words.)

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