Ca Na

Ca Na

Hard-core fishermen territory

A dot on the coast between Phan Rang Thap Cham and popular Mui Ne, Ca Na is a fishing village/Highway 1A truck stop that happens to have a stretch of rather pretty beach. As such, a smattering of places to stay run along this strip of sand and bright blue water, though the trucks whizzing by on the highway diminishes the serenity somewhat.

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Ca Na is well off the Western tourist radar and true, there isn’t much going on here, but not everyone should write it off completely. If you want to get away from the foreign tourist beach scene, this could be a place to do so and we’d recommend a stop over night if it means getting to do the absolutely jaw-dropping 50-kilometre coastal drive to Phan Rang Thap Cham. That drive, along with a stop at Mui Dinh beach, is to be savoured and well worth the extra 20 kilometres than going via the busy highway. Seriously, parts of it are seriously stunning.

We have fish … Photo by: Cindy Fan.
We have fish … Photo: Cindy Fan

In terms of tourism and accommodation, Ca Na feels like a place in decline rather than on the upswing. Several oceanfront places are ragged and rooms have as much charm as an incarceration facility, yet they can get away with the rather high rates. Ca Na sees a relative amount of success as a Vietnamese tourist seaside getaway and on the weekend, all the joints are full of families. You’ll also see the occasional Pegas Touristik Russian tour bus roll through for a lunch stop or an overnight at Hon Co Ca Na Resort.

There’s a public area beside Cana Hotel and another three kilometres west, on Highway 1A. Aside from swimming, you can take a look at the picturesque harbour, get a whiff of the vats of fish sauce and stroll through the fishing village during the relative safety of day light – this is hard-core fishermen territory, a drink-all-day, fish-all-night way of life. It’s prudent to avoid ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 400 words.)

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