Meet Durianwriter

Meet Durianwriter

Age: In the region of 19-29
Currently hanging out in: Earth
Boy or girl: Female
Travelfisher since: 19th November, 2013
Travelfish member #: 83,202

About Durianwriter

I'm a travel writer, amateur yogini, and obsessed with exotic fruits. I've traveled continuously for the past 3 years, mostly in Southeast Asia with my travel buddy and husband. If I am an expert on anything, it is that terribly wonderful fruit, the durian, which I have written about at length on my website. I am writing a book about our one year durian-hunt in Southeast Asia now.

Past travels

Since departing home in 2010, we have lived more or less on the road. We spent that first summer living on bikes while we rode through Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. We then hitch hiked Turkey, and took our first trip to Australia. We urban camped Hawaii, backpacked New York state, and have Wwoofed in various places. We got briefly trapped working at a sketchy retreat center in Costa Rica and escaped to Nicaragua. We then hightailed it to Asia and spent the year researching durian. Since then we had a brief stint working in Sri Lanka, spent two months traveling in Thailand, and I'm still only 24 years old.

Future travels

Currently exploring Australia, who knows what's next!

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