Photo: Street side bbq chicken in Bangkok.

Meet Floppy

Age: In the region of 19-29
Currently hanging out in: United States
Boy or girl: Male
Travelfisher since: 16th August, 2012
Travelfish member #: 72,640
Total forum posts: 1

About Floppy

am a Student at the University Of Minnesota. I am studying BioMedical Engineering. I am an outgoing person, who loves to go on a hike or go out to the bars. Alone with nature or in a crowded pub I can feel at home. I love to meet new people and to have new adventures. I work for IBM and go to school full time. That does take up a good portion of my time. When I do have free time, I jump at the chance to go out and take a hike. If I can make it out during the winter, snowboarding is something that I do enjoy. I love to find new places and break out the camera to see if I can get some good shots. I am trying to graduate and get my TEFL certificate so that I can teach around the world. Travel is my new addiction.

Past travels

Travel in and around the US. To many to list. Hiking and camping is a passion. Thailand and Laos - December 2011 and January 2012

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