Photo: Street side bbq chicken in Bangkok.

Meet NeilMc

Age: In the region of 19-29
Currently hanging out in: United Kingdom
Boy or girl: Male
Travelfisher since: 5th July, 2012
Travelfish member #: 71,618
On the forum: 1 topic started, 2 replies posted.

About NeilMc

I'm originally from the North East of England but currently work in security within the Middle East. I am a Dive Instructor in my spare time and would love to meet new people on my travels. Please drop me a line if you are in the same area. Neil.

Future travels

Landing in Bangkok early morning Sun 8th July. No major plans yet although would like to spen at least one night there at the start and end of the trip. Would love to head down to the islands for a bit too but open to suggestions along the way.

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