Meet Nola_Lee_Kelsey

Meet Nola_Lee_Kelsey

Age: In the region of 40-49
Currently hanging out in: Thailand
Boy or girl: Female
Travelfisher since: 16th January, 2011
Travelfish member #: 53,863

About Nola_Lee_Kelsey

I am a zoologist, but these days for me it is all about travel writing and volunteering, most often with animals.

My Books:
700 Places to Volunteer Before You Die: A Traveler’s Guide

The V‐List: The World’s Most Complete Reference Book of Global Volunteering Opportunities! (eBook)

Dogs: Funny Side Up!

Let’s Go Visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

And more!

Creator/Content Editor:
The Voluntary Traveler: Adventures from the Road Best Traveled

Producer and host of The Voluntary Traveler podcast

Published Articles and phtograph credits at:

North American Travel Journalist Association
The Independent Book Publishers Association

Practicing What I Preach:
I was born and educated as a zoologist. My passion for helping animals is unyielding. At the age of 20 I became the Volunteer Coordinator for a San Diego‐based wildlife rescue where I was working as fulltime volunteer Wildlife Keeper around my classes.

In addition to writing about volunteer projects and interviewing providers and volunteers for my podcasts and articles, I am also a serial volunteer. I write from my home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. From
here I volunteers with Care for Dogs (CfD) in Chiang Mai, running their Volunteer Orientation Program.

This allows me a greater perspective on the volunteer traveler and gives me the chance to interview participants about other projects they have been involved with around the world. I also write for CfD’s blog and provide them with other media material – voluntarily.

If you know of a great volunteer opportunity, please tell me about it!

Past travels

I am primarily a budget traveler and serial volunteer. Countries I have explored include: Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Israel, Fiji, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and Lao. I am also intimately familiar with The Black Hills of South Dakota, Southern California and much of the western United States. After college I conducted natural history tours to the northern islands of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

Future travels

Volunteering with wildlife in Indonesia

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