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SUGALUHLANG TRAVELLER GUIDE&CABIN; address: Jalan Ir. H. Juanda 349/349A Ciamis, West Java (E. 257m asl); SERVE: Guide (private day tours with driver) & Cabin (homestay/guesthouse); for Book/further information/make

appointment, e-Mail:, SKYPE: sugaluhlangtraveller ; CALL/SMS: +62(0)82218700061 (free pick you up+leaving at Ciamis Train/Bus Station, excepted arrivals in Tasikmalaya or Banjar Train/Bus Station: charges +35.000/bike, +50.000/car); CLUE:

We're located 250m walk southeast from monument Tugu ADIPURA Ciamis at intersection road between Jalan Jenderal Sudirman and Jalan Ir. H. Juanda about 75m nearby Tyara Plaza Hotel; or Our place is 2.6Km

northwest drive from Ciamis Train Station also 3.5Km Bus Station, so catch the city-trans/AngKot 09's code; We're located in heart a city at the main road beetween Jakarta & Yogyakarta (at middle of both cities); (drive southeast 270km 7hours from Jakarta and northwest 280km 7hours from Yogyakarta or only 5hours by train from both cities, also 3hours drive from Bandung);

OnWard attraction is Cirebon, Kuningan, Majalengka, Pangandaran (Batu Karas surf beach), Cilacap, Purwokerto, Wonosobo, Magelang, Yogyakarta; BackWard is Tasikmalaya, Garut, Bandung, Cianjur, Sukabumi (Cimaja surf beach), Bogor, Jakarta; The local attractions in Ciamis/nearby around

Km 7+, 30+, 50+ such: river, lake, waterfalls, spring (cold/hot), hill, mountain, crater, agriculture, plantation (pine, papaya, tea, strawberry), traditional factory, heritage, Sundanese culture, traditional house/village, happening art, handicraft; but nearby all the beaches around

100+Km both north & south direction to go; surf only in southeast area; GUIDE: private day tours available vehicles max. 3-4/persons on Sedan & 1/person Motorbike; the nearest attractions 1day tours travel packages (3mountains+waterfalls

+lake+tea plantation+handicraft shop) IDR250.000/car+driver IDR100.000, min/1person to go & IDR150.000/bike+driver free, min/1person to go (on promotion: tour Guide fee is free); motorbike rental IDR60.000 till evening; CABIN1: the first Cabin

are in our minimalist-style of house as a guest house: 2-rooms upstairs/fan with double/single bed, 2-shared bathroom/Western toilet with shower/1-heater, front/back balconies for breakfast/coffee; IDR125.000/night; We

hope you enjoy your stay in our city! CABIN2: the nextdoor our Cabin is a quiet-a semi clean-a semi traditional's Cabin are located +5Km to go northwest in small village at summit in a hectare of our garden as Tree's Farm & Kapulaga's Farm fields

(E. 373m asl, often 20-29 C degrees) around North Ciamis hills as a tropical moist lowland forests (nearby Sawal Mountains "hike" 14-20C degrees E. 1.764m asl/neighbors Galunggung Mountain "crater/hotspring

river/road/hike" E. 2.167m asl & Cakrabuana Mountain "road/hike E. 1.721m asl, onwards Papandayan Mountain "lot of craters, mud pools, sulfurs, hotsprings, smokey & freezing/hike" 10-19-21C degrees E. 2.665m asl,

Ciremai Mountain (crater/hike) E. 3.078m asl); so the Cabin2 has 2-rooms double bed, shared bathroom/Western toilet without shower, dining room, traditional (firewood) kitchen, terrace, garage also camp ground, feel

the nature surrounded, small forest hill infront, close some neighborhood of Sundanese with a typical their traditional houses & farming activities, possible heard the nature voices in night came such insects as Cicadas,

Crickets, also birds such as Owls, Racoon, Rusty-breasted cuckoo and not so far got the water sounds from a small rivers are all replied each other, in early morning founded voices of chickens, little birds, Bees, Butterflies,

Black Eagles and seen Treeshrews are often jump at trees; walk around hill and valley is easy to breath of fresh air are consist of many kind of tropical wood-trees & some various plants in our garden project; possible night

walk adventure explore the next hills while enjoy of full moon or city views; near attractions west drive +6km feel/swim a clear river stones & next +Km hike a forest pines of Sawal Mountains; IDR150.000/night, extra bed 50.000; We hope you enjoy your stay in our garden!

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