Photo: Street side bbq chicken in Bangkok.

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Age: In the region of 30-39
Currently hanging out in: Australia
Boy or girl: Male
Travelfisher since: 11th June, 2013
Travelfish member #: 79,821
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About TonyJamesSlater

Tony James Slater is the author of Amazon best-selling travel comedy "That Bear Ate My Pants!". He is a very, very strange man. He believes himself to be indestructible, despite considerable evidence to the contrary. He sometimes makes strange faces whilst pretending to be attacked by inanimate objects. But perhaps his single biggest problem is this; he has a mouth so big he is in danger of swallowing his own head. As a result he often ends up far from mainstream civilization, tackling ridiculous challenges and subjecting himself to constant danger. He gets hurt quite a lot.

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