Photo: Street side bbq chicken in Bangkok.

Meet electric_eye

Age: In the region of 19-29
Currently hanging out in: United Kingdom
Boy or girl: Female
Travelfisher since: 29th March, 2010
Travelfish member #: 45,026
On the forum: No topics started, 1 reply posted.

About electric_eye

Hello! I'm Kate, 20/F/UK. I'm easy to get on with,and really can't wait to go travelling!

Past travels

Just family and school holidays really. Been to France quite a bit, Paris, Carcassonne, Rome, last year.

Future travels

Going to SE Asia.. Initially landing in Bangkok, travelling North for 2 weeks weeks of so to Chiang Rai and then make my way south, visit Phuket, do some island hopping, through Malaysia to Singapore and over to Borneo. Hoping to go 2 go end of June - End of August. I'll be travelling alone (although I would prefer to go with company) If anyone wants to join me I've not finalised anything so just let me know!

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