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Dear Sir / Mam
we are so please to announce about open our branch in Sihanouk Ville.
After receive great reviews from customers for most famous Indian restaurant in Siem Reap, we are so happy to announce for opening our branch in Sihanouk Ville ,Located at VICTORY HILL on 30 NOV 2008. A dining experience at MAHARAJAH will make you believe that exclusivity with a touch of simplicity is important in the creation of every delicious dish. Along with the assurance of a wide range of delectable dishes and an immaculate service, a meal at The MAHARAJAH restaurants inspires interactive dining. Here is a priceless range of all finger licking royal Indian vegetarian & non vegetarian dishes.
Maharajah is the best Indian restaurant in town most favorite haunt of both expiates & tourist curry lovers, due to its Fresh, Hygienic & Authentic preparation. Used high quality authentic Indian spices that make all the visitors have to the delicious food with unforgettable taste. Very Reasonable Priced.
All dishes are prepared with vegetable oil, vegetables are cleaned with drinking water and the ice made with purified water.

Maharajah :
Royal Indian Cuisine Halal :
Siem Reap : Street # 7 old market area
Tel : 063 966221
Sihanouk Ville : Victory Hill
Tel: 015 966221

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