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Age: In the region of 50-59
Currently hanging out in: United Kingdom
Boy or girl: Male
Travelfisher since: 19th January, 2015
Travelfish member #: 91,579

About mikal83

Retired from the military where we both travelled a lot. No kids so just upped and went for it.

Past travels

Travelled a heck of a lot but flashpacked Thailand and Malaysia in 2011, Campervanned OZ, Caravanned EU, every US State bar 5, Egypt/Kenya/Morrocco/Tunisia. The Gambia/Canaries. Vietnam/Cambodia/laos october 2015 And a fantastic time we had. Vietnam was by far the best, Cambodia dirty and unloved but they have had a blips along the way. Laos was OK, the boat from LP to HX was a bit "are we there yet". Bangkok getting very polluted.

Future travels

Caravan to Greece then up north to Berlin via Bulgaria/Romania/Chech/Germany and back home via The Netherlands. Year after that, NZ/Japan/Korea.

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