Photo: Street side bbq chicken in Bangkok.

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Age: In the region of 50-59
Currently hanging out in: Canada
Boy or girl: Female
Travelfisher since: 10th December, 2012
Travelfish member #: 75,283
On the forum: 1 topic started, No replies yet.

About shirleen

I'm semi retired youth worker, grown kids, budget-backpacker type. I've always been adventurous & curious. This trip will fits right in with my personality.

Past travels

Japan, China, Thailand & North America among my former, brief travels.Past trips have been a month or so-this time I will spend much longer seeing more places.

Future travels

An extended time around South East Asia is next on my list.I know it's a far-off date; but October 2013 is when I'm done my work contract. Then I'd really enjoy some company-planning, conversation & gender/age doesn't matter!

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