Photo: Street side bbq chicken in Bangkok.

Meet silentamerican

Age: In the region of 30-39
Currently hanging out in: United Kingdom
Boy or girl: Female
Travelfisher since: 20th March, 2013
Travelfish member #: 77,773
On the forum: 1 topic started, No replies yet.

About silentamerican

TT Member since 2002, new to Travelfish. Can I swear here?

Under 35 and have logged over 3 years on the road and explored 81 countries so far.

Lived in 7 countries.

Work in TV, Music and the Internets.

Citizen of three countries: US, UK and Spain.

Likes: privacy, brussel sprouts, lock picking, baby sloths and the colour orange.

Hates: disrespect.

Past travels

All of Asia (Except East Timor, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Taiwan); Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu; All of Africa from South Africa up through Uganda; Lots of the Middle East - Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia; All of Europe (except Belarus and Ukraine); Canada, 35/50 US states, Mexico and all of Central America Brazil and Argentina

Future travels

Colombia and Ecuador

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