Meet suswati37

Age: In the region of 19-29
Currently hanging out in: United Kingdom
Boy or girl: Female
Travelfisher since: 21st November, 2009
Travelfish member #: 41,237

About suswati37

Suswati Basu is a writer/ journalist and a proficient adventurer. She has been on the road since birth, but is still experiencing wonderful new sights and smells hoping to give others advice on their own journeys throughout the world!

Past travels

Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Laos, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City, Vietnam, USA States: New York

Future travels

Probably back to India and China!

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