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Age: In the region of 40-49
Currently hanging out in: Australia
Boy or girl: Female
Travelfisher since: 1st September, 2009
Travelfish member #: 38,964

About swatral

Originally a Sydney girl who moved to Tasmania with my family 11 years ago for the lifestyle. I have a full on fulltime career and love to travel. Always have and always will! Makes all those late nights working really worth it - when I can plan the next family getaway. There is just so much to see, explore and discover and not enough time or money in a lifetime.

I love local style boutique accommodation rather than big hotels or resorts that could be anywhere. It does not have to be luxurious but comfortable beds and if possible a little quirky is nice but definitely not 5 star – I am no longer into backpacking accommodation but still do like a shack on the beach as long as it is clean, comfortable and has air conditioning if it is stinking hot at night!

Have a 12 year old son – so got to be kid friendly but not looking for kids clubs. We like to hang out together on holidays but hey he does need things to do as well. My idea of reading 5 books in a hammock is not his idea of fun. We prefer 2 rooms rather than all squashing into the one.

Best holiday is to sit on a beach, with a great book, the snorkels and to be in another country with new foods and flavours to try.

Past travels

South Pacific - Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu Asia - Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan Europe – Germany, Belgium, UK, Italy North America - Canada, USA South America – Mexico – Puerto Vallarta

Future travels

Malaysia, Cambodia and hopefully Laos

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