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Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization located in Taipei, Taiwan. TEIA consists of a bunch of activists who have long devoted themselves to environmental protection and had the mission to build a path in the world where human can live harmoniously with nature.
TEIA believes that understanding is the foundation. People learn to care our environment as long as we know what is happening to it. People only start to take protective action as long as we care about it.
To follow the belief, TEIA works on two specific goals:
1. Reinforce the power of information ─ to become the main voice of in the Chinese environmental information network.
2. Resurface the value of land ─ to implement environmental trusts in Taiwan.
We conduct actions for achieving TEIA’s mission by:
1. Advancing the work of Environmental Trust in Taiwan
2. Satisfying the needs of environmental information for various groups of people
3. Working Together and Overseas

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