Photo: Street side bbq chicken in Bangkok.

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Age: In the region of 30-39
Currently hanging out in: New Zealand
Boy or girl: Male
Travelfisher since: 4th August, 2012
Travelfish member #: 72,342
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About tkgurnick

hey guys,i'm new zealand born and raised but currently reside in central coast, nsw of australia.. i'm new here so just learning the ropes of it all.. i will be interested in anything people have to share along the way as i started this profile for my travels to thailand, vietnam, laos, and cambodia for further info what anything and everything.. being a first timer to the entire country will be an experience of a life time!!! please don't be shy to leave a comment.. thanks guys hope to meet lots of new faces out there.. peace!

Past travels

canada, fiji, singapore, dubai..

Future travels

bangkok first up for a few days and figure out what to do next..

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