Photo: A morning pick-me-up in Tra Vinh, Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

The Travelfish one-page media kit

We’re going to keep this very simple, as we don’t want to waste your time – or ours.

We’ll be upfront and let you know we hate most advertising. We grudgingly added Google Adsense back onto the site in 2016 because we needed the money to keep our researchers on the road. But generally speaking, we hate the whole industry. We hate the tracking and re-targeting, we loathe the pop-ups, doubly loathe the pop-unders (hello TripAdvisor), and more than anything we hate how when you’re trying to read a story on a phone the story jumps around while ads load. Just let us read the story!

If you’re after any of that kind of digital detritus, you’re in the wrong place, sorry.

If you want to run an ad on Travelfish, it is very, very simple.

What we don’t offer

Tracking: Nope.
Reporting: Nada.
SEO benefit: Zippo. All ads and related links are marked as "nofollow".

What you will offer us

You’ll be a business based in the destination of the pages you want to advertise on.
You’ll be a business we’d consider using ourselves.
You’ll commit to a minimum contract period of 6 months.
You’ll deliver decent artwork (see below).
You’ll be willing to pay upfront (discounts available for annual contracts).

What we’ll deliver.

Your ad will be the only direct ad running for your destination. Note that we may still run other affiliate positions (for example, Agoda or on the same page.
Your ad will run on the four main pages for a location: the main location, food, sights and transport pages for that location. It will be a straight click-through. It won’t go through any tracking at our end.

What else we’ll deliver

People headed to your destination. If people are reading about your destination on Travelfish, they will see your ad. Period.

What it will cost

A$100 per month, per destination, with a minimum period of six months, or A$1,000 for 12 months.
Payment is 100% upfront, via Stripe (most credit cards accepted).
No PayPal, no bank transfers, no cheques and no lunch bags full of money.

Ad format

A single, non-animated, 600 pixel wide by 300 pixel tall jpg. Maximum file size 75kb. No exceptions.

Here is an example:

sample position

We reserve the right to reject advertising we don’t like. Once approved, you can’t change it. We host it the ad.

Why do I want to advertise with Travelfish?

We are the largest independent travel website dedicated solely to Southeast Asia. Whether our readers are going to Hanoi, Penang or Nakhon Nowhere, if they are reading about the destination on our site, they will see your ad.

Can we do sponsored content instead?

No. We hate that stuff even more than TripAdvisor.

Can we work together some other way?


Will placing an ad help to get your business listed?

No, no and no.

Let’s do it!

Great! Please contact Stuart at to sort out a deal. Save both your time and his by mentioning in the email:
1) Which destination you want to advertise on, such as for instance Mae Sot, Siem Reap or Hanoi.
2) Your business and why it will be of interest to our readers. Please keep it brief. A URL is useful (if you have one) so he can read a bit more about your business.
3) Outline your artwork idea or feel free to attach some samples of what you have in mind.
4) Let him know when you would like to start your campaign.

He’ll be in touch shortly afterwards.

Thanks for reading this far - lucky it isn’t a two-page media kit!

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