BNH Travel Clinic

BNH Travel Clinic

While not the stuff that office escape daydreams are made of, getting medically protected while travelling is an important consideration. Travelling with a bit of stomach flu is possible, but travelling with malaria is not. If you’ve left home without arranging malaria treatment or have made a mid-journey change of destination that carries a higher-risk of a tropical disease, there is an excellent place in Bangkok to turn to for preventive medical treatment: BNH Travel Clinic.

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What might you need to be protected against? Well, depending on where you are going it can vary quite a bit, but if you are planning on hiking or trekking in remote areas of Laos, northern Thailand, or Burma, malaria may be of concern, and rabies vaccinations are recommended for anyone spending time in any rural area in Southeast Asia. Thailand carries a high risk of hepatitis B and typhoid fever, both of which can be vaccinated against. Depending on your itinerary, risk factors and medical history, you might need other vaccinations as well (or fewer, if you are mainly staying in the cities and on the beach). BNH Travel Clinic can advise travellers on the correct precautions.

Malaria according to BNH Travel Clinic (Map courtesy of BNH Travel Clinic)

Malaria according to BNH Travel Clinic (Map courtesy of BNH Travel Clinic)

Do also read our above-mentioned piece on malaria in Southeast Asia — depending on where you are specifically going, prevention through mosquito nets, sensible clothing, mosquito coils and so on may be all you need — don’t get steamrolled into buying malarials. It is unlikely that visitors to Thailand need them unless they’re planning on spending protracted spells along the Burmese border for example.

BNH Travel Clinic is located in Silom, a short walk from the Sala Daeng BTS Station or the Silom MRT Station, on Soi Convent. No appointment is necessary, and the clinic is staffed with specially trained nurse-practitioners who are aware of the region’s medical risks. Treatment is quite reasonably priced, often being cheaper than identical treatment abroad (especially if you come from a country that doesn’t have national health care: looking at you, America).

BNH Travel Clinic
BNH Hospital, 9/1 Convent Rd
T: (02) 686 2700
Open Mon-Sat, 08:00-17:00 and Sunday

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