Photo: A hideaway on Ko Tao.

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Help Travelfish by becoming a paid Travelfish member. For fewer than 10 cents a day gain access to all 301 of our PDF travel guides, priority email support and 50% off our travel planning services.

Why become a paid Travelfish member?

Along with a raft of other benefits, paid memberships allow readers to make a financial contribution to the running of Travelfish. As a reader and a traveller, you may not always agree with our take on a guesthouse or destination, but we hope that you see us as an important part of the grand jigsaw of holiday planning. Becoming a paid member is one way of showing your support.

Becoming a paid member costs A$35 for one year. This buys you:

Discounted flights and tours
See our partners page for details on travel coupons and discounts offered by Travelfish partners.

Discounted services
50% off our travel planning services.

No Google Ads
Google Adsense ads can be turned off, so they will not appear whenever you are on the site and logged in.

PDF travel guides
Access to the full catalogue of our 301 PDF guides, which includes all titles we’ve published since the start of 2015, along with an ongoing stream of new titles.

Priority email support
While we do try to answer all emails (eventually!) yours will be at the top of the pile.

That feel-good feeling
It will (hopefully) give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside as you support a website that (we hope again) has helped you.

The subscription does not automatically renew, so you don’t need to worry about us grabbing another A$35 off you in 365 days. You are, of course, welcome to renew!

How to upgrade

Log in to your existing Travelfish account, then click here to get to the upgrade page.

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