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Southeast Asia is big. Knowing the best things to see and do, the best places to sleep and eat, and how to get from A to B isn’t always easy. We reckon having someone who knows their stuff helping a traveller out is worthwhile. And we hope you do, too.

Researching a destination isn’t free for us. From our beginnings way back in 2004, has always refused any offers of free hotels, free meals, free activities or free trips. No discounts, either. We don’t list a place here because someone offered us money to do it. We pay our own way—without exception. This adds up.

And this is why you won’t find many publications left operating like this, particularly in travel. But we think trust is everything, and we think you can trust us.

Yep, we’re a bit crazy. We hope you’ll support us, anyway.

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In becoming a member for A$35 per year, you’re making a very real and direct contribution to keeping us operating. Please note, the subscription fee is in Australian not US dollars!, so around US$27, C$35, EU23, GDP20 or VND 620,000—you can check the exact rate at

Your trip might be coming up, in which case we hope to point you in the right direction, again and again, saving you time, money and enhancing your experiences in Southeast Asia.

Or your trip might be over. We hope we’ve helped. If you chip in, it helps to ensure we’ll be around for your next trip. Or when your niece comes to Ko Pha Ngan, your Dad finally realises his dream of seeing Angkor Wat, or your best friend jumps on a plane to do a month-long solo trip around Vietnam.

With thanks,

Samantha, Stuart and the Travelfish team

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Why is membership A$35?

Because we think it's a fair price.

Because a wasted day on a trip because you haven't had the right info to hand is worth far more.

Because takes no freebies and we accept no discounts, and we’ve operated like this since we first started in 2004.

Because we pay our writers fair rates.

When you pay to join, you support a model that values independence and fairness. We think A$35 for annual membership is a very reasonable charge for the thousands of hours of labour our team of researchers put in.

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