A Myint

A Myint

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The charming riverside village of A Myint, 25 kilometres south of Monywa, is one of those destinations where getting there is a large part of the fun.
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Although it’s a cute and very traditional village, A Myint’s principal tourism raison d’etre is a clutch of more than 300 ancient stupas scattered through the village centre.

The mostly ruined brick stupas look In Dein-style to our eye and we would have guessed 17th or 18th centuries, but locals claim the site originally dates back to the 11th century, when an outcast general from Bagan (according to legend he’d done a runner with the king’s daughter) founded a new city at this location. Either way, it’s all very atmospheric and picturesque, with several groups of stupas or chedis dotted among village lanes around a central teak-built pagoda.

The rustic village with tea shops and a lively little riverside port area is great to explore and you’ll even see a few old period houses dotted about. We’re not sure if the ruined chedis are worth the two-hour round trip and 25,000 tuk tuk fare in their own right but with the delightful country views on the way, it makes for an enjoyable half-day excursion.

The bucolic rural scenery is lovely and the country lane is delightful, even if the rough track isn’t; some stretches are sealed, others not, so it will get your tuk tuk driver wincing and make taking any photos without stopping impossible. With so many such pauses, it took our tuk tuk a good hour to get there.

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Based in Chiang Mai, Mark Ord has been travelling Southeast Asia for over two decades and first crossed paths with Travelfish on Ko Lipe in the early 1990s.

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