Cheung Kok ecotourism village

Cheung Kok ecotourism village

A taste of village life

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Cheung Kok is one of the prettiest Cambodian villages we’ve seen and also happens to be home to a fascinating “community-based ecotourism” project.

Travelfish says:

Cheung Kok used to depend upon its surrounding rice fields for survival, but recognising the need to diversity they collaborated with Amica, a French NGO, to create a sustainable, fair way to generate and distribute incomes.

An artisanal initiative to support a village. : Nicky Sullivan.
An artisanal initiative to support a village. Photo: Nicky Sullivan

You can visit the village independently, and do your own little tour, dropping in to see the artisans at work if they are around. There are panels dotted about the village, telling you where to find the silk maker, palm sugar producer, palm leaf weaver, the krama maker, or perhaps someone who will show you how to cultivate rice.

It may be better to get a deeper understanding with a proper, guided tour of the village, which takes about one hour. You may also be able to participate in various activities as well, to learn how they’re done.

Spun silk threads are an eggy yellow before they’re dyed. : Nicky Sullivan.
Spun silk threads are an eggy yellow before they’re dyed. Photo: Nicky Sullivan

You can take it a step deeper by staying at one of the homestays here too, which are just $5 a night. If you can’t or don’t want to stay the night, you could also tuck into a tasty, traditional Khmer lunch with a host family for just $4.

There is a small shop and visitor centre at the start of the village, where you can buy everything the artisans produce. You can’t buy direct. Proceeds are managed by a local committee, and go towards supporting projects such as free Khmer and English classes for children, micro-credit support for artisans and villagers, roads and house renovations, and water supply projects.

Neat, beautifully styled houses line the village lanes. : Nicky Sullivan.
Neat, beautifully styled houses line the village lanes. Photo: Nicky Sullivan

If you want the guided tour, calling in advance is highly recommended.

The village is found just a few hundred metres further along the N7 than Phnom Pros and Phnom Srei (towards Phnom Penh), down a left turn.

Contact details for Cheung Kok ecotourism village

Address: Cheung Kok, Kampong Cham
T: (069) 555 115;
Coordinates (for GPS): 105º24'27.64" E, 12º1'3.64" N
See position in Apple or Google Maps: Apple Maps | Google Maps

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