Prasat Han Chey

Prasat Han Chey

Scenic views and fruity kitsch

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Just over 22 kilometres to the north of Kompong Cham, at the side of a picturesque road that skirts the Mekong River, you’ll find Prasat Han Chey on top of a hill on the far side of an iron bridge. It is, perhaps, one of the more kitsch pagoda grounds we’ve come across.

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It can be hard to reconcile a place for reverence with extreme kitsch, but you can if you try. Photo by: Nicky Sullivan.
It can be hard to reconcile a place for reverence with extreme kitsch, but you can if you try. Photo: Nicky Sullivan

Once at the top, visitors find a rather large monastery intertwined with several pagodas, an extensive statue garden and 1,500-year-old Angkorian ruins. While historians visit the site to study early Angkorian culture as it existed during the Chenla period, local villagers visit to pray during the P’chum Ben festival in September.

The views over the Mekong are fabulous and make the trip worthwhile in their own right. But taking the time to explore, get chatting to the monks, and watching local visitors as they pose for selfies in front of the various exotica—see below—are all to be savoured.

Note the garage bbin. Photo by: Nicky Sullivan.
Note the garage bbin. Photo: Nicky Sullivan

Re the exotica: statue gardens with a seemingly random assortment of animals surround the old stone temples, new clay pagodas and monk dormitories. The grounds include life–sized deer, crocodiles, peacocks, dinosaurs and mythic beasts. And then there are the giant fruits and vegetables, which teach you the value of not thinking too much about things.

Several vendors sell sugar cane juice, fried noodles and fertilised duck eggs, so you can enjoy a meal at one of the picnic tables overlooking the Mekong River below and the Mondulkiri plateau in ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 100 words.)

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Nicky Sullivan is an Irish freelance writer (and aspiring photographer). She has lived in England, Ireland, France, Spain and India, but decided that her tribe and heart are in Cambodia, where she has lived since 2007 despite repeated attempts to leave. She dreams of being as tough as Dervla Murphy, but fears there may be a long way to go. She can’t stand whisky for starters. She was a researcher, writer and coordinator for The Angkor Guidebook: Your Essential Companion to the Temples, now one of the best-selling guidebooks to the temples.

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