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Bou Sra Waterfall

Bou Sra Waterfall, village and ziplines

Bou Sra Waterfall, village and ziplines


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Bou Sra Waterfall is a magnificent sight, tumbling through a gorge set in the jungle near the Bunong town of Bou Sra. It it easily reached by a paved 30 kilometre road from Sen Monorom, that takes around half an hour—depending on your driving. As you approach Bou Sra, you’ll spot coffee and pepper plantations along the way.

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We did visit at perhaps the worst possible time. Photo by: Nicky Sullivan.
We did visit at perhaps the worst possible time. Photo: Nicky Sullivan

Sadly, when we visited in April 2016 in the midst of a second annual drought in a row to hit Cambodia, the falls were reduced to not much more than a trickle. Locals said they had never seen the falls reduced to such a low level. But there were still plenty of families picnicking, snapping selfies, and generally enjoying themselves under the shady trees. Drinks and snack vendors can be found here, or you could bring along your own picnic.

The site is managed by the owners of the Mayura, who have put in a visitors’ centre, proper walkways and the highest zipline in the region. They’ve also instituted a waste-management system, so the spot is mercifully free from the great piles of plastic that tend to accumulate on other Cambodian beauty spots.

Here’s what it more normally looks like. Photo by: Brett Dvoretz.
Here’s what it more normally looks like. Photo: Brett Dvoretz

Surrounding the waterfalls, beautiful, dense tropical forests are rich with birds and wildlife. We have never heard or seen so many birds in Cambodia as we did in the forests around Mondulkiri, and this site is no exception.

Entrance to the waterfalls is $2.50 for foreigners.

We didn’t have a go on the ziplines, though they claim to be the highest in Asia, with seven lines, one going right over the falls, and a sky bridge. Tickets are US$69 person for a half-day excursion, including pick up ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 400 words.)

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Nicky Sullivan is an Irish freelance writer (and aspiring photographer). She has lived in England, Ireland, France, Spain and India, but decided that her tribe and heart are in Cambodia, where she has lived since 2007 despite repeated attempts to leave. She dreams of being as tough as Dervla Murphy, but fears there may be a long way to go. She can’t stand whisky for starters. She was a researcher, writer and coordinator for The Angkor Guidebook: Your Essential Companion to the Temples, now one of the best-selling guidebooks to the temples.

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