Photo: Calm at the lake.

Yak Lom Lake

The primary attraction around town is Yaek Loam Lake, a volcanic crater filled with freshwater and surrounded by an easily navigated trail that can be walked in less than an hour.

Photo of Yak Lom Lake

Believed to be around 4,000 years old, the lake is just under 50 metres deep, and its near perfect circle is about 800 metres in diameter. Aside from the trail around the lake, another 850-metre path takes you up into the forested hill beside the lake.

The forest here is thick with birdlife. If you take the trail around the lake, there are plenty of wooden docks fro diving off for a cooling swim. The lake is especially lovely in the late afternoon as the sun sinks behind the rim, throwing everything on the other side into beautiful relief.

Yaek Loam Lake is very popular with local families who come to picnic by its side. A couple of stalls at the top and the bottom of the stairway to the lake sell snacks and drinks.

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